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Vietnam business visa since 2015

Vietnam business visa since 2015

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visa-AustraliaRegarding purpose of entry to Vietnam, there are two main Vietnam visa types that foreigners can get: tourist and business visa. There are some changes regarding Vietnam business visa since 2015 for foreigners. Let’s spend a few minutes noting following information to understand about the changes.

   1.   Who can apply for business visa?

In the previous time, business visa is a visa type that applied for every applicant. However, since 2015, this visa type is only available for those who can find a guarantee company in Vietnam to provide some required documents. For those who just come to the country for visiting or touring without your own guarantee company, you cannot obtain this visa type.

   2.   What is validity of a business visa?

According to new immigration policy of Vietnam, business visa now can have validity of three months, six months or twelve months. However, in order to have a business visa with a long validity like six month and twelve months, guarantee company of foreigners must satisfy some other requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department. For details, please contact our support team. In addition, your guarantee company may need to request business visa directly from the Department without assistance of a visa agent.

   3.   What are requirements to obtain business visa?

Since January 1st, 2015, besides a satisfied passport, Vietnam visa requirements to request a business visa including following:

Document to the Immigration Department

Working schedule of foreigners in Vietnam

Business contracts of your guarantee company

Your labor contract with the guarantee company

Legal documents of your guarantee company

Invitation of the company

As long as guarantee company of foreigners can submit all above documents, your business visa request will be processed.

   4.   What is procedure to apply for business visa?

Like procedure to apply for Vietnam tourist visa, it contains three main steps to pick up an official business visa at international airport of Vietnam;

Step 1: access to applying page of website of a visa agent like our and then fulfill Vietnam visa application online

Step 2: ask your guarantee company to send required document to our email. It is notice that all documents must be notarized

Steps 3: pay visa approval fee to the visa agent through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union after sending enough requirements

Steps 4: get the issued Vietnam visa approval letter after waiting time and then use it to stamp official visa at international airport of Vietnam.

In case you have any question, feedback or comment about Vietnam business visa since 2015, please send an email to or make a call to our hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Vietnam business visa since 2015

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