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Confusions regarding Vietnam visa

Confusions regarding Vietnam visa

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Apply now(3)Getting a visa is the first important task that almost all foreigners must do to enter Vietnam. Although applying procedure is very simple and easy, there are some confusions regarding Vietnam visa for those who obtain for the first time. Following article with details will bring to reader useful information about visa.

   1.   Does everyone need a visa?

The answer is no. According to Vietnam immigration policy, a visa to Vietnam is only required for those who are not in exemption list of visa.  If you are citizens of country in that list, you do not need to get a visa for traveling to the country.

   2.   What is the best time to apply for visa?

Visa should be applied in advance to save money and time. Normally, foreigners can base on your applying way to select the suitable time to obtain visa. In case you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, three to five days before your estimated arrival date is the best time to get visa. Meanwhile, if you get visa directly at embassy of Vietnam, you had better go there and request visa at least five days before your travel date as the embassy needs more time to process visa for you.

   3.   What should foreigners prepare to apply for visa?

In order to get visa, there are some required documents that foreigners should get ready in advance as they are requirement from Vietnam Immigration Department or Vietnam embassy:

Your original passport: only passport with validity of more than six months and two blank pages is enough to apply for visa. If your passport is about to expire, you had better extend it beforehand.

Two photos in passport size: actually, foreigners can take photos at international airport of Vietnam. However, it will be better if you prepare photos at home.

An application for entry and exit Vietnam: this document is promulgated by the Immigration Department and used to stamp visa at embassy of Vietnam. Normally, foreigners will receive the application at same time with the visa approval letter. In order to save time at the airport, foreigners should complete this application at home.

A visa application regulated by the embassy is necessary document for those who wish to get visa for Vietnam at this place. To facilitate applicant on finding this application, the embassy post it on their website, so that you just need to access the embassy’s website and download the application.

In case you have any question, feedback or comment about confusions regarding Vietnam visa, please send an email to or make a call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Confusions regarding Vietnam visa

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