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Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens in 2015

Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens in 2015

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p6As noted in immigration policy of Vietnam for India, visa is the first thing that citizens of this country must prepare for going to Vietnam.  In order to have a valid visa, visa fee is required. This article will provide reader specific information regarding Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens.

   1.   Visa approval fee for Indians

Visa approval fee is the first type of fee that Indians must complete in visa applying procedure. The visa agent that works with Vietnam Immigration Department to get pre-approved visa on your behalf will receive this fee. And then they will send them to the Immigration Department, so that the Department can issue your visa request. Like citizens of other countries, Indians can transfer visa approval fee online easily by using one of three available payment methods namely PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union. Among three methods, PayPal and Western Union are more strongly recommended that the other one because of fast-time transferring, convenient and easy.

For Indians who obtain Vietnam visa in rush cases and request urgent or super-urgent service, visa approval fee will be higher than normal as express fee for those services is contained.

In 2015, visa approval fee for Indians is still same the previous time except the fee for three month multiple entries visa. For specific, to get this visa type, Indians must pay USD 90/person in normal for approval fee. This amount is double the fee of previous time.

   2.   Stamping fee for Indians

As usual, stamping fee is required to pay directly at embassy of Vietnam or Vietnam international airport. The staff working at the embassy or immigration officer at Vietnam visa on arrival counter of the airport of Vietnam will collect this stamping fee. And then they stamp an official visa onto your passport. Stamping fee depends on visa type. And this fee is fixed if you pay at the airport which is USD 45/person for single entry visa, USD 65/person for multiple entries visa of no more than 29 days and USD 95/person for multiple entries visa of more than 29 days but less than 90 days. Meanwhile, stamping fee that the embassy requires Indians to pay will be various, so you must get exact information of this fee from the embassy before coming there to pay and get visa to Vietnam.

For further information about Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens in 2015, please send an email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.

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