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Policy of Vietnam visa for Indians

Policy of Vietnam visa for Indians

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Policy of Vietnam visa for Indians

Policy of Vietnam visa for Indians

Because of development in diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and India, more and more Indians choose Vietnam as their destination for different purposes such as studying, visiting or setting business. In order to enter Vietnam for doing those things, Indians of course need to apply for visa. Following information mentions basic policy about Vietnam visa for Indians.

   1.   Available visa type for Indians

Currently, Indians are eligible to get visa online or get visa directly at Vietnam embassy without any guarantee company in Vietnam. Therefore, basing on your chosen means of transportation to Vietnam, Indians can decide suitable visa type. Specifically, if you use train, car, ship to travel to Vietnam, the best way to have visa for the country is going to Vietnam embassy and requesting visa directly. And in case Indians take flight to Vietnam, you are strongly suggested applying online for Vietnam visa approval letter then stamping official visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport.

   2.   Requirement to get visa

The visa requirement is regulated by Vietnam Immigration Department (visa online) or Vietnam embassy. If Indians choose to get visa at embassy, normally an original passport with six months of validity and two empty pages, two photos with 4*6 centimeter, a visa application are what you should bring to the embassy. With people who choose Vietnam visa on arrival online, beside the passport and photos, you need to have an issued visa approval letter and completed application entry to pick up official visa at Vietnam airport.

   3.   Step to get visa for Indians

After preparing all requirements, Indians can come to the embassy of Vietnam in your resident country. You must hand in all your requirement and total visa fee to staff in charge. After submitting visa request and receiving an appointment, Indians can go home to wait. About three to five working days later, you should come back the embassy and get your visa result.

For Indians travelling by plane, you just need to obtain online a visa approval letter at by submitting Vietnam visa application online and sending visa approval fee to issue the letter via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. The electronic letter with red seal of the Immigration Department will be transferred to you within two working days, one working day, or even four working hours. The visa letter is valid from the date noted as arrival date, so Indians should consider entering Vietnam and completing stamping procedure at Vietnam airport within valid duration of the letter.

Visa Vietnam policy for Indians now is easier than in the previous time. With a few simple steps, you are able to have in hand an issued visa to Vietnam.

If you have any comment, feedback or question related to policy of Vietnam visa for Indians, please send email to or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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