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Notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa

Notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa

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Notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa

Notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa

Regarding number of entrance and validity length, visa to Vietnam is divided into four types including one month single and multiple visa, three month single and multiple visa. Following information mentions to some notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa that foreigners should know.

   1.   How to apply for this one month multiple visa?   

Like other visa types, foreigners can get one month multiple visa by requesting at Vietnam embassy or by applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival. If you choose to get visa at the embassy, your original passport, photos, visa fee, and visa application need to be submitted at there. The embassy will keep all your documents within three to five working days to process your visa request. After that time, you can come to get your passport back with a stamped visa. If you get visa on arrival, you need to apply online for a Vietnam visa approval letter approved by Immigration Department of Vietnam with assistance of a visa agency. You just need to submit Vietnam visa application online and pay visa approval fee. Two working days is normal time to process a visa letter, so after that time, you should check your registered email to get the issued visa letter. With the issued letter, passport, photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee, you are allowed to pick up official visa at any international airport of Vietnam. 

   2.   How to pay one month multiple Vietnam visa fee?

The staff in charge working at the embassy will collect total visa fee to process your visa request if you choose embassy visa. Meanwhile, with on arrival visa, the visa agent that helps you to get visa approval letter will charge the approval fee. To facilitate foreigners on sending this fee, three transferring methods namely PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union are available. About stamping fee, foreigners should prepare in advance and pay by cash directly to staff stamping visa onto your passport upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport. Foreigners should note that stamping fee for one month multiple visa with validity length of less than 29 days is USD 65 while it is USD 95 for duration of 30 or 31 days. Therefore, in order to save money, you should determine your staying time in Vietnam specifically and note this information in your application.

   3.   How to use one month multiple visa?

Currently, one month multiple visa and other visa types are issued as tourist visa automatically. However, for short business trip in Vietnam, foreigners still can use this visa type as long as your activities do not violate Vietnam law in general and immigration law in particular.

For further notices when applying one month multiple Vietnam visa, please send email to or call to hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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