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Vietnam visa guides for British nationals

Vietnam visa guides for British nationals

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Vietnam visa guides for British nationals

Vietnam visa guides for British nationals

Different from previous time, getting visa to Vietnam now is very simple and convenient for citizens of any country including British nationals. With section Vietnam visa guides for British nationals, readers can find useful information of applying visa for entering the country.

   1.   Guides on suitable visa type

Currently, both Vietnam embassy visa and Vietnam visa on arrival are available for British nationals. However, British citizens must base on your travel schedule to select suitable visa type. For details, if you travel to Vietnam by bus, train, car or ship, you must have an issued visa before departure, so getting Vietnam embassy visa is the only choice. On the other hand, if plane is your selected means of transportation, you are recommended applying for visa on arrival.

   2.   Guides on applying procedure

To get visa at embassy, British at first should find embassy’s contact information on the internet. You then should make a call or send them an email to have information about required visa requirement as well as visa fee. After receiving answer, British nationals can arrange your time to bring all requirements to the embassy in working time to ask for visa. Normally, a visa request submitted at embassy is processed within three to five working days. With this long time, British should go home to wait. After processing time, you can come back the embassy and get back your passport with a stamped visa.

For selection of visa on arrival, applying procedure is simpler. British nationals just need to apply for a Vietnam visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department via a Vietnam visa agent. With the agent’s help, you can submit Vietnam visa application online and send payment for visa approval fee through the third party: PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. After two business days of processing, an issued visa letter will be transferred to applicant’s email. The visa letter is considered as a laissez-passer which allows you to get on board from Britain or any other countries to Vietnam and pick up official visa when arriving Vietnam international airport. More specific, after landing at international airport of Vietnam, British will be guided to the visa on arrival counter to complete stamping visa procedure. British should notice that besides the visa letter, an original passport, application for entry and exit Vietnam glued photo and stamping fee are also necessary for picking up visa.

   3.   Guides on prepared visa fee

For those who choose to get visa at embassy, you can get exact visa fee by contacting the embassy directly. In case of using visa on arrival, British can refer to Vietnam visa fee page to get accurate visa fee.

In case you have any query regarding Vietnam visa guides for British nationals, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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