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Information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

Information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

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Information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

Information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

Vietnam and Lebanon have been creating and developing bilateral relation in different fields including tourism. Thus, more and more Lebanese citizens come to Vietnam for different purposes. The first thing that every Lebanese citizen must prepare before coming to Vietnam is a Vietnam visa. Following information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens will be specific guidelines for these citizens to apply for this legal document.

   1.   Options to get visa to Vietnam for Lebanese

Lebanese people can use two options: applying visa at Vietnam embassy and applying Vietnam visa on arrival to get visa. Between these ways, the second option- getting visa on arrival is strongly recommended for Lebanon citizens. With visa on arrival, Lebanese people can avoid disadvantages of Vietnam embassy visa like embassy visiting, original passport submitting and long time waiting.

   2.   Requirement to get visa on arrival for Lebanese

Besides making sure that your original passport has six months of validity and two white pages, Lebanese citizens are also demanded to prepare a copy of your passport (main pages), copy of your air return ticket and booking hotel in advance. All mentioned documents are compulsory requirement of the Immigration Department for Lebanese citizens in particular and for Central East citizens in general. In addition, in case Lebanese people have any guarantee company in Vietnam, you should ask them to provide a guarantee letter for your entering and staying in the country.

   3.   Procedure to get visa on arrival for Lebanese citizens

By doing below guidelines step by step, Lebanese people can get your visa for Vietnam

  • Accessing to and fill in Vietnam visa application form
  • Scanning main page of your passport, air return ticket, booking hotel and then sending them to email
  • Using your credit card/debit card to send payment for visa approval fee via PayPal, or sending fee through Bank Transfer, Western Union
  • Waiting for three to five business days since three above tasks were completed
  • Getting your visa approval letter via email
  • Bringing with you the visa letter, your passport, photos and two completed application for entry and exit Vietnam to Vietnam airport
  • Submitting all documents and stamping fee at visa on arrival counter to be stamped official visa onto passport
  • Getting your passport with a stamped visa from the staff in charge

   4.   Visa fee for Lebanon citizens

Vietnam Immigration Department requires a higher approval fee to process visa for Lebanese people than the fee applied for citizens of other country because Lebanon is listed in special list of Vietnam visa requirement. For details, the approval fee for each applicant is USD 190 for one month single visa, USD 240 for one month multiple, and USD 290 for three single and three month multiple visa. Although visa approval fee is higher than the fee for other citizens, stamping fee for Lebanese is still USD 45 to USD 95.

For further information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens, please send an email to or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Information about Vietnam visa for Lebanese citizens

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