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Getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in 2015

Getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in New Year 2015

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Getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in New Year 2015

Getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in New Year 2015

Similar to previous years, in 2015, French citizens have to satisfy requirement about visa if you want to enter the country for any purpose. However, according to Vietnam immigration policy, there are some changes regarding visa requirement for French people in particular and foreign visitors in general. Following items about getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in New Year 2015 will be helpful for you.

   1.   Requirement to get visa Vietnam

In 2015, French citizens are still required to meet passport requirement to be able to obtain visa to Vietnam. For detail, your passport needs to be valid for more than six months and empty in two pages upward. For those who want to get Vietnam visa upon arrival, a valid Vietnam visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department is also necessary.

   2.   Steps to get visa for Vietnam for France

In 2015, both getting visa at Vietnam embassy and Vietnam international airport are still available for French citizens. Land/sea travelers can prepare passport, photos in passport-size, visa application and visa fee then directly visit the embassy of Vietnam in your resident country to get official visa. Meanwhile, French travelling by plane to the country can request visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department via a visa agency to get visa upon arrival by doing as below:

  • Filling in Vietnam visa application form your personal information and your visa desire (visa type, date of enter, date of exit)
  • Settling visa approval fee which is presented at Vietnam visa fee page to the agency via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Waiting for issuing time of two business days at the maximum, or one business with urgent service, or four business hours with super-urgent service
  • Receiving the letter sent to your registered email and printing it out after double checking all detail.

When coming to the Vietnam airport, what French travelers should do are to show the visa letter, ordinary passport, photos, completed application for entry and exit Vietnam and hand in stamping fee ranging from USD 45 to USD 95 per person to immigration officer in charge at landing visa counter. They will check your information and then stamp official visa Vietnam onto your passport. Holding a passport with a stamped visa, French people are allowed to leave the airport and depart for downtown.


From 2015, The Immigration Department issues both one month and three month visa requests as tourist visa type. However, this change will not cause trouble to you if you use this visa type for business activities in Vietnam.

For further information about getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in 2015, please contact us via or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Getting Vietnam visa for French citizens in New Year 2015

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