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Procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy

Procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy

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Procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy

Procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy

While air travelers are eligible to get Vietnam visa upon arrival, people using land or sea way to enter Vietnam can get visa at Vietnam embassy in their resident country as the sole way. In order to avoid mistake as well as trouble when applying for visa at the embassy, foreigners are suggested remembering summary of procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy as below.

Before going to embassy to submit your visa request, foreigners are recommended sending an email or making a call to embassy for exact necessary documents as well as visa fee that you should get ready.  Each Vietnam embassy in different countries gives a dissimilar visa requirement, so getting their confirmation before visiting should be done. Usually, the required documents to submit at the embassy include:

  • An original passport with six months of validity upward and two white pages at least;
  • A Vietnam visa application
  • Two photos in passport-sized
  • A Vietnam visa approval code issued by Vietnam Immigration Department

About the issued visa approval code, foreigners can ask for help of Vietnam visa agent like to apply. They will be your representative to request this pre-approved visa document from the Immigration Department. What you have to do are submitting Vietnam visa application online, and sending payment for visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. After two business days since completing all above steps, you will have your visa approval code sent via email. Together with other needful, this visa document allows foreigners to pick up official visa at the embassy.

It is noticed that if foreigners are staying in China, Laos or Cambodia, Thailand or some countries in Southeast Asia and want to get visa in these countries, you just need to prepare the three first documents to get visa at Vietnam embassy. This is because procedure for getting visa directly at embassy in those countries is really simple and quick without applying for visa approval code beforehand.

After preparing well documents and visa fee, foreigners should base on your travel plan to choose suitable date for going to the embassy. As it takes a few business days to issue visa request at embassy, foreigners are recommended visiting the embassy and submitting your visa request with documents and visa fee from two to three days before your estimated arrival date. After that processing time, you can go back to the embassy and get your visa result.

For further information about procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Procedure to get Vietnam visa at embassy

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