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Guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans

Guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans

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Guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans

Guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans

With development in bilateral diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and America, more and more Americans choose Vietnam as their destination for enjoying holiday or setting business. For those who enter Vietnam for the first time, following guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans will be really beneficial for you.

   1.   Where to get visa Vietnam?

Currently, American can get visa at two places: Vietnam embassy in your resident country or Vietnam international airport. Getting visa at the embassy is appreciated for people entering Vietnam through land or sea way as having an official visa before crossing border to the country is necessary in this case. Meanwhile, American who enter Vietnam by air way can apply for a pre-approved visa document and then get official visa upon their arrival Vietnam at one of three Vietnam international airports.

   2.   What should prepare to get visa

For those cases of choosing Vietnam embassy visa, what you should get ready is original passport with six months validity and two blank pages, two passport-sized photos, visa application and visa fee. With Americans who decide to get Vietnam visa upon arrival, besides passport, photos, a Vietnam visa approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department and two completed applications for entry and exit Vietnam are demanded.

   3.   How to get visa at Vietnam embassy or Vietnam airport

In order to get visa at Vietnam embassy, visiting the embassy before your arrival date is an avoidable task. Americans need to submit all prepared things to staff working at the embassy to process your visa request. It takes at least three business days for processing step. After that time, American can visit embassy again and get your passport with a stamped visa. It should be noticed that Vietnam embassy in different countries will charge a different visa cost, so for receiving accurate fee, Americans can contact the embassy beforehand.

In case Americans choose visa on arrival, before getting official visa at Vietnam airport, you need to apply online for issued visa approval letter as below steps:

  • Filling in Vietnam visa application form,
  • Settling payment for visa approval fee which ranges from USD 20 to USD 40 per person via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Checking your registered email after processing time of four working hours, one working day or two working days
  • Printing the visa letter out and preparing to visit Vietnam

Coming to the airport of Vietnam, Americans should go to Vietnam visa on arrival counter; you then show your visa letter, other documents and pay stamping fee of USD 45 to USD 95 to immigration officer in charge. He or she will check your information and stamp visa onto your passport. After completing stamping procedure, you can move to custom area and leave the airport.

For further information about guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Guidelines on getting visa for Vietnam for Americans

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