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Vietnam visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter

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Vietnam visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter

Getting visa Vietnam is necessary for citizens of countries that are not in the visa exemption list of Vietnam. Instead of going to Vietnam embassy and asking for visa as previous time, foreigners currently can apply for a pre-approved visa document and then pick up official visa at Vietnam international airport. That document is Vietnam visa approval letter. Let’s read below information to understand more clearly about this visa document.

   1.   General information about Vietnam visa approval letter

As visa approval letter is valid for foreigners to get visa after arriving international airport of Vietnam, travelers who plan to take flight to Vietnam are strongly recommended to obtain this visa document.

It should be noticed that, visa approval letter is not an official Vietnam visa. Thus, foreigners must complete another step of stamping visa with the letter. After receiving the letter, foreigners need to prepare its hard copy. Before getting on board, you should show the letter to airline staff at the airport. When your flight arrives at Vietnam airport, you should find landing visa or visa on arrival counter to get official visa.  There, foreigners should present the visa letter, passport and other documents to immigration officer in charge. She or he will compare information in your letter with information shown in your passport and in their database. If they are identical, your passport will be stamped an official visa.

   2.   Procedure to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter

Getting visa approval letter is very easy with assistance of a visa agency like By following their help and directions, foreigners just need to complete below tasks:

  • Filling in Vietnam visa application form with your personal information and your visa desire
  • Paying Vietnam visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union after you submit your visa application;
  • Waiting for about two business days to let the visa document processed
  • Checking your registered email and downloading the visa letter.

   3.   Notice on using visa approval letter

An issued visa approval letter is valid at Vietnam international airport as the sole place. Thus, if foreigners bring this letter to Vietnam embassy, it will be invalid

A visa letter can contain several names of applicants because they use the same visa agency. This does not affect on legitimate nature of the letter, so foreigners just need to prepare your own letter to get official visa when coming to the airport of Vietnam.

In conclusion, because of simplification and facilities of procedure to apply for visa approval letter, more and more foreigners choose to use this document to get visa if they travel to Vietnam by airway.

In case you have any question, comment or feedback relating to Vietnam visa approval letter, please send an email to or call hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Vietnam visa approval letter

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