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Ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners

Ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners

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Ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners

Ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners

Before coming to Vietnam, almost all foreigners need to prepare for themselves a visa. In fact, there are several ways to obtain visa to Vietnam. Following information will bring you details on ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners.

   1.   Applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival

Actually, applying online for visa on arrival is applying for Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. An issued visa letter is valid for foreigners to get on board from your resident country. This letter is also available for you to get official visa Vietnam at one of three international airports of this country.  Foreigners at first need to seek a visa agent  that is eligible to request visa letter from the Immigration Department.  You then should access to their website to complete Vietnam visa application online with instruction of system. After that, you must send payment for visa approval fee by using one of three modes: PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Western Union. Two business days is usual processing time for a visa request. After that time, the issued visa letter will be appeared in your registered email. The next thing foreigners should do is double checking all your information in the letter to be sure that it is same as what shown in your passport. If everything is correct, you should bring the visa letter and other needful to Vietnam international airport and complete stamping official visa procedure.

   2.   Applying online for Vietnam visa code

Procedure to get visa code online is similar to procedure to get visa approval letter. However, instead of getting visa at international airport of Vietnam, foreigners must use the visa code to get official visa at Vietnam embassy. Specifically, after receiving the visa approval code sent to email, foreigners should print it out and visit Vietnam embassy noted in the document. It should be noted that besides the document, you also need to prepare your original passport, photos, and stamping fee depending upon embassy’s policy for visa stamped.  Applying online for visa code actually is only recommended for people crossing border to Vietnam. This is because while a valid visa is required before entering the country, visa on arrival service has not been applied at borders.

   3.   Applying at Vietnam embassy directly

Traditionally, foreigners can go to Vietnam embassy and get visa without applying online beforehand. However, using this way, processing time for a visa request can be from five to seven working days which is much longer than above ways. Furthermore, the visa cost in this case is more expensive than getting visa online. Specifically, visa embassy can be charged at least USD 80 for a one month single visa. Thus, applying for visa at Vietnam embassy in person is not recommended like getting visa on arrival or visa code online.

For further information about ways to get Vietnam visa for foreigners, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33).

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