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Information about Vietnam visa for US citizens

Information about Vietnam visa for US citizens

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Information about Vietnam visa for United States citizens

Information about Vietnam visa for United States citizens

The updates news of Vietnam immigration law declares that in order to visit the country, a legitimate Vietnam visa is necessary for almost all citizens coming from different countries on the world including United States. To get visa in the fastest and simplest way, following information about Vietnam visa for US citizens should be deeply noticed.

1.   Preparation to get visa to Vietnam

According to the immigration policy, there are some required things that United States citizens should prepare before getting visa for Vietnam. The first is your passport. Your visa request can be accepted if your passport is valid in six months upward and empty in two pages at least.  The second is a choosing suitable visa type.  In order to decide a suitable visa type, applicants should base on your selected entrance way to Vietnam. For those who wish to take flight to Vietnam, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is strongly advised. On the other hand, if you want  to take train, bus or ship to the country, you must apply for visa at Vietnam embassy in advance because there is no on arrival visa type served at Vietnam’s borders.

   2.   Available Vietnam visa type

While basing on purpose entry, visa Vietnam includes business and tourist types, there are four visa types namely one month single visa, one month multiple visa, three month single visa and three month multiple visa depending upon validity length as well as number of entrance. Because of working manner of the Immigration Department, every three month visa (both single and multiple) is granted as business visa. However, United States citizens totally can use a three month business visa for tourist or visiting activities without any problem.

   3.   Step to get visa for Vietnam

Currently, getting visa to Vietnam is so easy especially by using visa on arrival. With this visa type, there are four simple steps that applicants need to complete:

  • Searching a lawful visa agent that will be your representative to request visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • Completing Vietnam visa application online and approval fee with detailed guidelines of system
  • Receiving granted Vietnam visa approval letter via email after two business days (usual service), one working day (urgent service),or four working hours (super-urgent service)
  • Traveling to Vietnam international airport and stamping official visa onto passport with the granted letter and other things (your original passport, photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee)

If United States travelers get visa at Vietnam embassy, you have to arrange your passport (ordinary), two passport-sized photos, visa application, and visa fee beforehand. After that you should visit the Embassy in person. Staff in charge will guide you submit required documents and pay visa fee for visa’s processing.

For further information about Vietnam visa for US citizens, please send an email to or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Information about Vietnam visa for US citizens

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