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Notices on Vietnam visa requirements for Central East citizens

Notices on Vietnam visa requirements for Central East citizens

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Notices on Vietnam visa requirement for Central East citizens

Notices on Vietnam visa requirement for Central East citizens

Applying for visa is one of many tasks that all citizens of Central East countries need to complete before departing for Vietnam. Due to bilateral diplomatic relation between Vietnam and these countries, visa requirement for these citizens is more complex and special than requirements for citizens of other countries.  With aiming to help Central East travelers can prepare well requirements for getting visa, this article brings you some notices on Vietnam visa requirements for Central East citizens.

   1.   Passport requirement

Before getting visa, one important thing that almost all applicants need to do is checking their passport’s validity. This is because only applicants who have passport with six months of validity and two un-used pages upward are eligible to apply for visa. For passport which is about to expire, the passport holder has to extend or apply for a new one beforehand. Central East citizens are not beyond of this requirement, so you must make sure that your passport is fulfilled this compulsory requirement.

   2.   Requirement to get Vietnam visa approval letter

Although getting visa at Vietnam embassy is still available for Central East citizens, this way is not really suggested due to its disadvantages namely long-time processing, expensive visa fee, unsecure and complicated procedure. Applying for visa approval letter online and then getting official visa at any Vietnam international airport is easier, simpler and cheaper than getting embassy visa. It is noteworthy that, before starting to apply, Central East citizens firstly must prepare some documents that required by the Immigration Department to process the visa letter for you. They include a copy of your passport (main page), copy of your accommodation reservation and air return ticket to Vietnam. In addition, for citizens of some Central East countries, you also need to have an invitation letter from your business partner in Vietnam. For further details about this requirement, please contact our support team.

   3.   Procedure to get visa Vietnam

By completing following steps, Central East citizens can get an official visa to Vietnam easily:

  • Fill in Vietnam visa application form
  • Contact our support team to get exact approval fee for visa letter processing
  • Use PayPal, Bank Transfer  or Western Union to send approval fee
  • Send necessary documents to email
  • Wait for three to five working days in usual
  • Check your email to receive the letter
  • Bring the letter, your original passport, photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee to Vietnam international airport to stamp official visa.

For further notices on Vietnam visa requirement for Central East citizens, please contact us via email

  • Notices on Vietnam visa requirements for Central East citizens

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