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Urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners

Urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners

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Urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners

Urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners

The shortest time to processing a visa request at Vietnam embassy is three business days. With this time, foreigners have to come to the embassy four to five days before your estimated arrival date. However, nowadays, with on arrival visa type, foreigners totally can receive visa just after a very short processing time by using urgent service. Below are details on urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners.

   1.   Who should use urgent Vietnam visa Service?

Urgent visa service is strongly suggested for those people who are in hurry to enter Vietnam. This service hastens visa processing, so applicants are able to get visa for entering Vietnam after a short time. It is noticeable that urgent visa service is only recommended for getting Vietnam visa upon arrival. It is not really recommended for those who get visa code because after having approval code, applicants still need to spend few days more picking up visa at Embassy of Vietnam.

   2.   How many types of urgent visa service?

Currently, there are two available urgent visa services for foreigners: urgent service of one working day and super-urgent service of four working hours.

For the first service, applicants just need to wait for one working day or eight working hours to receive your visa result. In order to use this service, service fee USD 10/person is what you should pay extra.

For the second service, processing time is shortened into four working hours. After that confirmed time, a pre-approved Vietnam visa will be issued and sent to applicant’s email. You are required to pay plus fee of USD 25/person to use this fast service.

   3.   How to get Vietnam visa in urgent service?

Like getting visa in standard service, procedure to get visa in urgent service is also contains following steps:

  • Fill in Vietnam visa application form with your personal information and your visa desire
  • Send payment for both approval fee and urgent service fee to visa agent which works with the Immigration Department on your behalf
  • Check your email then to receive issued visa approval letter
  • Go to Vietnam international airport and stamp official visa at Vietnam visa on arrival counter by showing your letter, original passport, two passport-sized photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and paying stamping fee

With a ready stamped visa onto passport, you can move to custom area and then depart for city.


Choosing a suitable method to send this fee quickly is really important in urgent case. Thus, it is better to use PayPal and Western Union. Bank Transfer is not a good choice due to long time transaction.

For these cases, applicants should make sure that you have internet-connected device to get updated information frequently.

If you have any comment, question or feedback about urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners, please contact us via email, or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Urgent Vietnam visa service for foreigners

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