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Three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabia citizens

Three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian

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Three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian

Three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian

According to Vietnam immigration policy for Saudi Arabians, Vietnam visa on arrival now is applied for these citizens. In addition, beside one month visa, Saudi Arabians also can get three month visa. However, requirement as well as procedure to get three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabians is not same as for citizens of other countries. This section wills clarity about this visa type for these citizens.

   1.      Requirement to get three month Vietnam visa

To have enough condition for getting visa to Vietnam, Saudi Arabians have to meet passport requirement. Specifically, your passport must be valid for six months upward and has at least two white pages to stamp visa.

As immigration policy of Vietnam for Saudi Arabian is stricter than for other citizens, Saudi Arabians are also demanded to prepare in advance a soft copy of your air return ticket to Vietnam, main page’s copy of your passport, and booking hotel’s copy. These documents are considered as evidence of your entrance to Vietnam. In addition, regarding working way of Vietnam Immigration Department, any three visa request is approved as Vietnam business visa automatically, to get this visa type, Saudi Arabians must send invitation letter from your business partner in Vietnam if they can be your sponsor. In case you apply with no sponsor company, you have to be guaranteed by a visa agent.

   2.      Steps to get three month visa on arrival

Getting visa on arrival online is regarded as the most secure and convenient way for Saudi Arabians. Due to restriction in bilateral diplomatic relation between two countries, getting visa at embassy of Vietnam is not a good choice for Saudi Arabians as most of embassies will reject your visa request. With visa on arrival, just by a few simple steps, you can get your three month visa.

  • Fill out Vietnam visa application form
  • Pay visa approval fee via one of three payment approaches namely PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Send your entrance evidences and invitation (if have any) to email
  • Receive Vietnam visa approval letter via email after about three to five business days of processing
  • Travel to Vietnam airport with the letter together other needful and get stamped visa onto passport at the airport

   3.      Three visa fee for Saudi Arabia citizens

Approval fee and stamping fee are two required fees that Saudi Arabians must pay for getting visa at Vietnam airport. Approval fee in case of having invitation letter from Sponsor Company is USD 240/person for three month single or multiple entries. If Saudi Arabians use guarantee service, guarantee fee is charged. Thus, total fee in this case is USD 290/person. Stamping fee for Saudi Arabia citizens is not different from the fee for other travelers, which is from USD 45 to USD 95.

For further information about three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian, please send email to or call to hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Three month Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian

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