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Landing Vietnam visa

Landing Vietnam visa

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In order to enter Vietnam, visa is necessary for almost all citizens of different countries excluding countries in visa exemption list. With aiming to facilitate travelers to get visa easily as well as to increase number of visitors to visit Vietnam, Vietnam Immigration Department has promulgated a new visa type- landing Vietnam visa. Following are some information about this visa type.

Landing Vietnam visa

Landing Vietnam visa

   1.   Available ways to get Vietnam visa landing

Landing visa or Vietnam visa upon arrival is type of visa that gives visitors permission to get official visa at one of three Vietnam international airports after applying online for pre-approved letter. Actually, procedure to get landing visa is procedure to get the approved letter. In order to get the letter, visitors can use one of following ways:

The first is submitting Vietnam online visa application and then doing as direction of system to complete payment for letter issuing,

The second is sending email to with your visa desire. We will send an application form to you. You just need to complete it and send back to us by email. After that, you should follow our next instructions to transfer payment for letter issuing via PayPal, Onepay or Western Union.

Your visa request will be processed within two business days at the maximum. After processing time, an issued Vietnam visa approval letter will be dispatched to your provided email. By showing this letter at international airport of Vietnam, visitors absolutely can get landing visa stamped onto passport.

   2.   Landing visa fees

In order to get visa after landing international airport of Vietnam, visitors must prepare approval fee and stamping fee. Approval fee is paid to visa agent that requests the issued letter from the Immigration Department on your behalf. Meanwhile, stamping fee should be paid directly to immigration officer working at the airport to get stamped visa onto passport.  Visitors should refer to Vietnam visa fee page to get detailed approval fee and stamping fee for each visa type. According to feedback of a lot of visitors, the total fee for getting landing visa is much less than the fee if you get visa at Vietnam embassy.


In fact, landing visa is available for travelers at any international airport of Vietnam as long as you have a valid visa approval letter.

Visitors totally can make processing time to get the letter shorter by requesting urgent service-one working days or super-urgent service- four working hours issuing. In addition, if you want to curtail waiting time at Vietnam airport, you are suggested to using Stamping Support Service with USD 25/person plus fee.  Further information about this service, please contact our support team.

If you have any query on landing Vietnam visa, please send email to or hotline number (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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