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Vietnam visa guides for Sri Lanka citizens

Vietnam visa guide for Sri Lankan citizens

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Vietnam visa guide for Sri Lankan citizens

Vietnam visa guide for Sri Lankan citizens

According to the newest law of Vietnam Immigration Department, Sri Lankan citizens stand in need of having a visa to visit Vietnam for any purpose. With aiming to help Sri Lankan to get visa easily and conveniently, this section brings a brief review of Vietnam visa guides for Sri Lankan citizens.

   1.      Requirement to get visa to Vietnam for Sri Lankans

The first requirement for getting visa that Sri Lankans need to meet is to have passport with six month of validity appeared with two blank pages upward. In addition, due to Sri Lank is included in special list of Vietnam immigration policy, you are also required to prepare in advance some document namely a copy of your passport (main page), a copy of your return air ticket and accommodation reservation. All of these documents are considered as evidence of your Vietnam entrance which need to be submitted to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for visa processing.

   2.      Vietnam visa on arrival for Sri Lankans

Vietnam visa on arrival is presently applied for Sri Lanka citizens. Therefore, these citizens absolutely can obtain visa approval letter online and then get visa stamped upon arrival Vietnam international airport. Applying visa on arrival, you just need to submit Vietnam visa application at , pay approval fee for visa letter issuing by using PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and then send mentioned documents to email  As visa approval letter is an electronic document, Sri Lankans can receive and print it out from wherever before travelling to Vietnam. Coming to airport of Vietnam, you should submit your original passport, visa letter, passport –sized photos and application for entry and exit to staff in charge. After about twenty minutes for checking and stamping procedure, you can get your passport back with a stamped Vietnam visa.

   3.      Available Vietnam visa type for Sri Lanka citizens

In the past, getting visa with validity of one month was the sole choice for Sri Lankan citizens. However, with constructive change of visa policy for these citizens, Sri Lankans now are able to get three month visa either single or multiple even if you do not have invitation letter from a Vietnam Company. The certain fee for each type is dissimilar and different from fee applied for citizens of other nationals. You can note down specific fee as below:

  • One month single visa: USD 190 per person
  • One month multiple visa: USD 240 per person
  • Three single/multiple visa: USD 290 per person

In conclusion, visa for Vietnam is no longer a restriction for Sri Lankans who wish to visit the country for visiting or doing business. With visa upon arrival, applying visa procedure for these citizens becomes easy, simple and convenient.

For further information about Vietnam visa guides for Sri Lankan citizens, please contact us via or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Vietnam visa guide for Sri Lankan citizens

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