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Advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers

Advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers

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Advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers

Advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers

Vietnam visa is an important thing that almost all foreign people including air travelers are required to prepare before going to Vietnam.  To get visa in smooth way, applicants should remember some advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers as following.

  1.      Recommended Vietnam visa type for air travelers Vietnam

visa on arrival is strongly recommended for air travelers because this visa type can be picked up straightaway Vietnam international airport. As long as you have a valid Vietnam visa approval letter accompanied passport with six valid months and two blank pages, you are eligible to get stamped visa onto passport. With visa on arrival, you are not required to go to embassy of Vietnam before departing, just stay at home and apply online for the letter via a visa agency in Vietnam with below steps:

  • Access to to fill out Vietnam visa application online
  • Transfer money for Vietnam visa approval fee by using PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Transfer
  • Get your letter dispatched to email in two working days later  since your completed all requirements

  2. Required things to get visa for air travelers

Beside the letter and original passport, air travelers are suggested to arrange two passport-sized photos, two completed copies of application for entry and exit Vietnam and stamping fee before going to the airport as all of them will be required directly at visa on arrival counter to stamp visa onto your passport. About stamping fee, air travelers can depend upon your visa type and refer to Vietnam visa fee page to prepare suitable fee. It is noteworthy that in case you want to get one month multiple Vietnam visa, for duration of less than 29 days, stamping fee is USD 65 and it is USD 95/person if you plan to stay longer than 29 days.

  3.      Extra services for air travelers

Currently, air travelers can get visa to Vietnam just after a short processing time if you request urgent or super-urgent service. Those services allow you to get pre-approved letter sooner which is from fours working hours to two working days. Thus, if you are in rush to get on board to enter Vietnam, using these extra services is highly recommended.

Air travelers also can save waiting time at Vietnam international airport with Stamping Support Service. This is an extra service with aiming to pick up and support travelers to stamp visa upon arrival the airport. Stamping Support Service is also suggested for travelers going with children, group or old people.

In brief, travelling to Vietnam by air and applying online for visa on arrival help air travels to economize money and time. In addition, with this visa type, many useful extra services are available for passengers.

For further information about advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers, please contact us via email or hotline number (+84) 975 85 66 33.

  • Advices on Vietnam visa for air travelers

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