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Vietnam visa guide for Congo

Vietnam visa guide for Congo

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Vietnam visa guide for Congo

Vietnam visa guide for Congo

After studying this article Vietnam visa guide for Congo, applicants can master information of visa kinds, visa validity, fee of visa as well as other major information.

1.Required documents

– An original passport with its expiry date of at least six months and some blank pages.

– Two recent photos sized 4x6cm

– A visa application form that can be downloaded at the site or buying at the nearest Vietnam Embassy.

– A visa approval letter in if applying visa online.

With enough above documents before applying Vietnam visa, the applicants will save time at the Embassy and cost of travel.

2. Visa exemption

– Congo holding passports are not exemted visa to Vietnam.

– The only way for them to enter and stay in Vietnam is visa application.

3. Kinds of visa for Vietnam:

– Business visas: issued for the applicants who travel to Vietnam on business or for trading.

– Tourist visas: issued for the applicants who wish to visit Vietnam sightseeing or their relatives.

– Transit visa: issued for travers in group or by tour under the grant of a tourist company.

4. Visa validity

– One month: tourist visas.

– Over one month up to three months: business visas.

– Less than five days: transit visas

5. Single entry visa vs Multiple entries visa

– Single entry visa allows the applicants enter Vietnam only one time during the validity of visa.

– Multiple entries visa allows the applicants enter and exit Vietnam several times during the validity bearing on the visa.

Due to the difference between a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa, so the rate of visa fee of them are different. For the details, please study the article Vietnam visa fee at site

6. Visa application

The Congo applicants can apply visa by two ways.

– Applying visa at the nearest Vienam Embassies.

– Applying visa online to get visa on arrival at one of three international airports in Vietnam.

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