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Vietnam visa guide for Bhutan

Vietnam visa guide for Bhutan

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Vietnam visa guide for Bhutan

Vietnam visa guide for Bhutan

Vietnam visa guide for Bhutan provides the related applicants useful information of visa exemption, visa kinds, visa fee and other major information.

1. Visa exemption

Not being included in the list of Vietnam visa exemption, so all Bhutanese passport holders from all over the world must apply visa if they wish to enter and stay in Vietnam.

2. Vietnam visa kinds for Bhutan

Three visa kinds are ready to be issued for Bhutanese applicants: business visa, tourist visa and transit visa.

– Business visas are often applied by the applicants who travel to Vietnam on business or for trading.

– Tourist visas are issued for the applicants who wish to visit Vietnam sightseeing or their relatives.

– Transit visas are necessary if the travelers need to stay in Vietnam some days before boarding to the third country.

3. Validity of Visa to Vietnam

– Visa for business purpose with validity of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

– Visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month only.

– Visa for transit purpose with validity of less than 5 days and then the transitters must depart to a third country after 5 days in Vietnam maximum. The transit visa is  only valid in case the travelers go by tour and the group must have clear schedule and indemnify of a travel agency that organizes the tour.

4. Visa extention

– Bhutanese applicants can ask for a Vietnam visa extension.

– Fee of visa extension will cost cheaper than renewing a visa. For details of this, please study site

5. Differ single entry visa and multiple entries visa

– Single entry visa: enter other countries one time during the validity of visa.

– Multiple entries visa: enter and exit other countries several times during the validity bearing on the visa.

6. Visa for Vietnam fee

– Single entry, one-month: $100.00/ each person

– Single entry, three-month: $140.00/ each person

– Multiple entry one-month: $150.00/ each person

–  Multiple entry three-month: $180.00/ each person

7. Ways of applying visa

– Applying visa online to enjoy an easy visa application and the result, the applicants will get visa on arrival at one of three international airports in Vietnam. For details, please read Vietnam visa on arrival essay.

– Applying visa with the normal way at the nearest Vietnam Embassies.

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