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VIETNAM CUSTOMS PROCEDURES - Vietnam visa on arrival online


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Normally, there will be an application form for Vietnam entry and exit to fill in (each applicant have one separately). However those who get visa approval letter from  will receive this form beforehand. Besides, please remember to bring at least 2 photos of passport regulation size, some dollars for stamping fee.The normal waiting time for completing the procedures is 15 minutes. However those who have completed the application for entry and exit form can save more time from waiting. Besides, please do notice the following customs formalities:

1. All visitors to Vietnam should fill in declaration forms and show their luggage to Customs officials on request.

2. Luggage, personal possessions and goods brought to Vietnam in amounts sufficient for personal use only, and not listed among noncommercial goods not to be imported, are exempt from tax.
3. Travelers’ luggage as declared at Customs offices on arrival must be shown again at Customs when leaving Vietnam, except for articles which have been consumed or given as gifts.
4.  Visitors to Vietnam can bring with them unlimited amounts of foreign currency, objects made of gold, silver, precious metals and gemstones or plated with silver or gold, but these must be declared in detail on their customs forms.Travelers can change their money for Vietnamese dong (VND) at the banks, hotels and jewelry shops throughout the country.
5. Travelers can take with them unlimited amounts of souvenirs bought with receipts.

To save your time, in the entry and customs form, you should clearly note down:

+ Camera, recorder and other electric equipment not for personal use;
+ Jewelry (especially gold) and precious stones not for personal use;
+ Foreign currency (cash, coin and tourist cheques): over US$ 5,000 or other foreign currency of the same value, or over VND 15 million in cash;
+ Video-tapes will be checked and returned in several days;
+ Gold (over 300 g): If more than 3,000 g, you are required to deposit and re-export the surplus;
+ Other commodities out of duty-free luggage.

When entering Vietnam: Visitors are permitted to bring in a duty-free allowance of 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 150 g of tobacco; 1.5l of liquor; and other items (not forbidden goods) of the total value beneath US$ 300.

Goods prohibited to import: weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment, drugs, toxic chemicals, debauched and reactionary products, firecrackers of all kinds, toys with negative impacts on the dignity education, social security and safety, cigarettes beyond the stipulated quantity, etc.

Goods prohibited to export: weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment, antiques, drugs, toxic chemicals, wild animals, rare and precious animals and plants, documents related to the national security, etc.

Items that you cannot bring into Vietnam include weapons, munitions, explosives and inflammables, firecracker of all kinds, opium and drugs, toxic chemicals, and cultural materials unsuitable to Vietnamese society (pornographic seditious publications, films and photos), harmful child toys. Breaking these rules, you will be punished by Vietnamese laws. Breaking these rules, you will be punished by Vietnamese laws.

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