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Vietnam visa guide for the UK - Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa guide for the UK

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Vietnam visa guide for the UK

Vietnam visa guide for the UK

Vietnam visa guide for the UK where the UK passport holders can find the basic information to apply visa.

Visa guide consist information of visa kinds, visa validity, required documents, ways for applying visa and mention of visa exemption.

1. Vietnam visa kinds

Business visa, tourist visa and transit visa are three kinds of visa are ready to issue for the UK passport holders basing on their travel’s purposes.

– For trading or going on business, the applicants should apply for a business visa.

– For visiting Vietnam sightseeing or the relatives, the applicants should apply for a tourist visa.

– If wishing to stay in Vietnam some days before traveling to the third country, the UK citizens must apply for a transit visa.

2. Validity of each visa kind

– With a Vietnam business visa, the applicants have one month of stay.

– With a business visa, the businessman can stay in Vietnam up to three months.

– Less than 5 days is time applied for the applicants who possess a transit visa.

3. Documents required

– An original passport with the expiry date of at least 6 months.

– Two recent photos sized 4x6cm

– A visa application form or a visa approval letter.

4. Options for applying visa for Vietnam

– Visa application at the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

Online visa application via a legitimated agent in Vietnam for having visa on arrival at the destination airport of Vietnam.

For further information, please study site

5. Vietnam visa exemption

– The UK passport holders can not stay in Vietnam any days without visa.

– They must apply visa before any departures toVietnam.

6. International airports of Vietnam applied with on arrival visa service

Vietnam visa on arrival for the  UK passport holders are supported.

– Three international airports in  Vietnam that the UK passport holders can receive visa on arrival: Noi Bai airport in Ha Noi, Tan Son Nhat one in Ho Chi Minh andDa Nang one in Da Nang.

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