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Cu Lao Cham – a wonderful island - Vietnam visa on arrival online

Cu Lao Cham – a wonderful island

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Cu Lao Cham or Cham Island is an isolated archipelago including eight small islands 18km off the coast of Hoi An, are a tourist spot worth discovering. It takes you only one hour and a haft by boat from Hoi An to the island.


Hon Lao Island which the largest and only populated island among the island group, the boat will stop at Bai Xep beach to offer visitors a chance to see the white coral reef. Nothing can compare to the real experience of swimming in pure water over the reef, which is only one meter below the water’s surface – almost close enough to touch. So, don’t hesitate to jump off the boat into the blue water and enjoy.
The richness of different coral species and other marine creatures has brought the Cham islands to be included in the World Biosphere Reserve. At present, there are 135 species of coral, including six species first recognized in Vietnam, and nearly 950 other marine species living in the seabed of the archipelago, including many endangered species on the Vietnam  


In the Bai Huong fishing village, visitors can learn about local life by watching local fishermen mend fishing nets and drying fish and squid. Visitors can also buy seafood at a reasonable price for a meal on Bai Chong Beach. If you like, you can fish themselves on a tour held on a local fishing boat and tasting many different kinds of seafood, some of which are unique to the area, such as lobster, oc vu nang (a kind of conical-shape snail), diep (a type of shellfish) and abalone. Another local specialty is cua da – a kind of crab which lives in small mountain caves. The flesh of the small purple crab tastes like butter. 

In Bai Chong Beach, arguably the most beautiful beach on the island, visitors should enjoy the island with all five senses: listening to the sound of the wind in the leaves and the waves crashing on the shore, breathing in the salty smell of the air, capturing the scenery with their eyes, touching the smooth white sand and tasting the special things of this island. Tourists can sun bathe on the quiet white sand or take a nap on hammocks swaying in the thick shadow of trees. Bai Chong Beach is also an ideal place for beach volleyball and other water sports such as jet skis, kayaking and water skiing.

  • Cu Lao Cham – a wonderful island

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