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Visa types and purpose - Vietnam visa on arrival online

Visa types and purpose

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For those who would like to obtain Vietnam visa should check careful which type of visa do they need in order to avoid wrong. There are four types of visa for foreigners who would like to enter Vietnam such as:

  1. Visa one month single
  2. Visa one month multiple
  3. Visa three months single
  4. Visa three months multiple

Normally, three months visa for people who go on business in Vietnam while one month visa for tourists. However, it is no problems if you choose wrong purpose. You are still allow entering Vietnam in this case. But, you should check accurately that how many times you need to enter and leave Vietnam in order to require single visa or multiple visa.  

Tourist visa:  A tourist visa is usually valid for 1 month, allowing single or multiple entry.

Business Visa: A business visa is usually valid for 3 months, allowing single or multiple entry and the right to work. Getting a business visa has now become cheap and easy, although the prices are about double those of a tourist visa.

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  • Visa types and purpose

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