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Tien Son Cave – A natural beauty-spots - Vietnam visa on arrival online

Tien Son Cave – A natural beauty-spots

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 Belongs to the famous cavern Phong Nha – Ke Bang which is the world’s largest cave, Tien Son is much higher, older and a lot of fossil level. It is without water inside so-called the Dry Cave. In 1935, it was discovered with 9 caves of various sizes and the Vom Cave system, with 8 caves of various sizes. Of which, spectacular Tien Son Cave is the most magnificent limestone cave in Vietnam and just opened in 2000.


Tien Son has nearly one kilometre long and a height of 135 meters. Few years ago, going inside this cave was quite difficult because there ware very slippery and full of obstacle. Now, nearly 400m of the cave have been installed with lighting system making it safer for visitors. The Cave looks marvelous inside with hundreds of stalagmites and stalactites of different sizes and shapes.

You will see an abyss here, about 10m deep. On the cave ceiling, there are glittering gold and silver-like veins. Echo- sound will be made when people shout or knock to stones. Tien Son Cave is older than Phong Nha Grotto, does not link with each other. Tourists are welcome to discover its miraculous hidden beauty. Tien Son itself is a truly fantastic cave and rather stable geography.

  • Tien Son Cave – A natural beauty-spots

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