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BAT TRANG – The ancient Pottery village - Vietnam visa on arrival online

BAT TRANG – The ancient Pottery village

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Bat Trang which is one of the most ancient trading village of Vietnam, attracts thousands of tourists visiting every year. People in this village work as a craftsman and their products have been introduced to people throughout the world.

The ancient Bat Trang village belongs to Gia Lam district of Hanoi city with more than 500 years old, being distant from central Hanoi about 10 kilometres long in the South-East, near the bank of the Red River.

When you arrive there, you can suggest the craftsman in making yourself a pottery product. It is very interesting in doing different types of product with essential design. Then, you also understand how difficult to complete a wonderful masterpiece like that.

Walking around village, you will set your foot in many shops with various kinds of pottery products displaying such as: bowl, dish, tray, vase, pot, tea-set, artistic pictures, etc.

Many potters have left their names in the annals of souvenir. One of the most skillful craftsman is Le Van Cam who has been contributing a lot to a value and development of traditional craft. His talents and dedication have been recognized and he was awarded the honorable title of the golden hands insignia in 1986. His reproduction of Mac’s lamps was awarded silver insignia during the national art glass ceramics exhibition organized by the Central Handicraft Co-operative Association in 1988. In 1998, the Vietnamese Fine Arts Association awarded him with the “golden hands” title. He has participated in many domestic and international fairs.
His dedication to the art and love for the ceramic craft have probably been one of the major factors that has contributed to the preservation mid development of Bat Trang village as an important centre of Vietnamese art and culture.

Bat Trang Village Festival is organized every year form 14th to 16th of the second lunar month in Bat Trang Communal House, Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.

There are a lot pagodas, temples and shrines. This festival involves water procession, ancestral tablet washing, a procession of ancestral tablet to the communal house to worship. The offering to the village’s tutelary god is a barbecued young fat buffalo. They put the whole buffalo on the large table with six big feasts and four trays of steamed glutinous rice. After worship, the offering are shared out for every family.

Going to the Bat Trang village, you can buy not only nice products made of ceramic but also enjoy the interesting festival and experience pleasure about life of Bat Trang people.

  • BAT TRANG – The ancient Pottery village

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