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Ancient town – Hoi An - Vietnam visa on arrival online

Ancient town – Hoi An

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Most tourists who enjoy discovering old cities or ancient towns will choose Hoi An as their most popular destination. Hoi An is well-known with not only its antique beauty but also including various culture of some Asia countries since ten centuries ago.


There are many famous places  that you should spend time on, such as ancient wooden house a long time ago (Phung Hung House, Tan Ky House, The Tan Family Home and Chapel), or find the mixture of culture of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese in Hoi An for a long time ago.  

Hoi An offers you a number of interesting places like Chua Cau (Japanese Bridge) which was built in the early 1600s with a small temple inside. Walking along ancient streets in Hoi An, you will set your foot in some Halls like Congregation Halls, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Fukien Assembly Hall, Chinese All-Community Meeting Hall which were built since 16th to 19th  century with various types of architecture from China, Japan and Vietnam. If you feel tired, you can stop in some traditional restaurants with a very strange kinds of food , for example Cao Lau, Banh Bao Vac that you have never eaten before, but they are very tasty and delicious. 


All people who visit Hoi An are very interested in one kind of service so-called tailor-clothing. It takes you around 2 to 4 hours for a suit, shirts, or blouses. There is also very famous of silk cloth and hand-made things in nearly 140 shops along streets with low price. With any tailor, be sure to negotiate before you agree to a price.
From central Hoi An, you can easily move to a wonderful beach (Cua Dai in Da Nang city) by bicycle or motor-bike, just 8 to 10 kilometres long. Your vision will be changed on your route to the beach because a great view of the countryside is displayed. Along the beach, there are a number of small restaurants selling seafood and drinks, many of which provide deck chairs and tables right on the water’s edge.

From Cua Dai Beach, you also travel to Cham Island, just three miles off shore. There are many ethnic groups living in a mountain area. In addition, My Son Champa Sanctuary,  about 20 miles south-east from Hoi An, was the religious center of the Cham Empire at the height of its power from the 7th to the 12th century which was a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. If you’re interested in seeing more of the Cham culture, you should not miss My Son.

Hoi An in the mid-night is very beautiful because a great many of sparkling lanterns on streets. It is very fun and lovely for you to have a stroll, eating and drinking something there. You are welcome to the luxury hotels with the best service of sauna, beauty salon, nail.

Then, shopping can not be lacked in your journey. Many souvenirs, stone-pictures are sold in Hoi An, Non Nuoc mountain which can be made of marble, pottery, wood or silk, etc, will be the worth presents for you.  

  • Ancient town – Hoi An

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