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SAPA – The most popular destination - Vietnam visa on arrival online

SAPA – The most popular destination

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If you have a trip to Vietnam, you should not miss SAPA. Most tourists who have been to Sapa want to return many times and discover more about people and culture there. It is really a great value for money and wonderful place for travelers.


Sapa is a town in mountain area with eight ethnic groups inhabit in Lao Cai province such as: Hmong, Dao, White Thai, Giay, Tay, Muong, Hao and Xa Pho. Deeply in the valleys surrounding Sapa, some ethnic groups live along river such as Giay, Red Dao and White Thai.

From Hanoi or northern provinces, you can easily move to Sapa by bus or train. When you arrive there, you should choose mini-hotels in central Sapa town in order to go many places conveniently. Sometimes, visitors enjoy staying in tents or in home of ethnic people and follow them to work in a hill, mountain or bamboo forests. Although Sapa is commercialized several years later, but it still keeps a primitive beauty of mountain area since a long time ago. It is so amazing to walk and treat your view in steeply terraced rice fields, towering verdant ridge-lines, primitive mud-thatched villages, raging rivers and astounding waterfalls.

Topping out at a peak of 3,143 metres high, Fan Si Pan is considered as the Mount Everest of Vietnam for those who want to get a trek and a risk adventure.


If you set your foot in Sapa, you should not miss visiting a well-known place so-called “Love Market” – originating from a legend of couple who felt in love each other but were forbidden by their parents. Now, every Saturday nights, Red Dao hill tribe youths of both sexes congregate in a weekly courting rite, singing tribal versions of Loretta Lynn love songs to woo the opposite sex. A lot of things are sold there overnight, so you can dance, walk around market as well as eat and drink something. Many markets are taken place in Sapa where you can buy brocade-cloth of different ethnic groups and very high technical hand-made things.    

The best seasons of the year for tourists visiting Sapa are in the spring and fall because the weather is so nice, cool, fresh with many kinds of flowers blooming. While summer tends to be rainy and muddy and winter temperatures can drop to the freezing mark with snow.

Getting up in early morning and take a stroll to ethnic villages, you will see a magical scenery like a fairyland because fog covers everywhere, on land and trees. Weather makes a difference here, and sometimes, white cloud covers all range of mountains and causes rain. In summary, it is quite difficult to describe an overviews of Sapa in words. It is also more attractive and secret if you start your trip now!

  • SAPA – The most popular destination

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