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Single or multiple entry vietnam visa - Vietnam visa on arrival online

Single or multiple entry vietnam visa

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Vietnam single or multiple visa

Single or multiple entry vietnam visa

Most foreigners do need Vietnam visa when entering Vietnam. However, when applying for Vietnam visa, applicants are often confused about kinds of Vietnam visa: single or multiple entry visa. The following information will specify which kind of Vietnam visa should you apply for in term of validity time:

– A single entry visa allows you enter/ exit Vietnam 1 time or it is also called visa with single use. Once your single entry visa used, you are not allowed to enter Vietnam again with this used visa. You must apply for the new one if you want to come back Vietnam again. For example, with 1-month single entry visa, you can enter Vietnam stay for 30 days at the maximum. You cannot re-enter Vietnam if you exit Vietnam after 10 days staying, even your visa valid for 30 days.

– A multiple entries visa allows you enter / exit Vietnam unlimited times as long as your visa is still valid. After getting your multiple entries visa at the airport, you can exit and re-enter Vietnam at any port you want. For example, you apply for 3-month multiple entries visa and pick up your visa at the airport, then you depart to Lao by landcrossing after 10 days staying in Vietnam, after spending your holiday in many different countries, you can come back Vietnam with your multiple entries visa.

In conclusion, your single or multiple entry visa is depending on how many times you would like to enter/exit Vietnam. We recommend you apply for single entry Vietnam visa in case you enter and exit Vietnam once but multiple entries visa if you intend to enter/exit Vietnam many times for a period.

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